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Unblock Mammary Gland Best-selling – Breastfeeding Mama Body Massage

Unblock Mammary Gland Best-selling – Breastfeeding Mama Body Massage

Unblock Mammary Gland Best-selling – Breastfeeding Mama Body Massage

Unblock Mammary Gland Best-selling – Breastfeeding Mama Body Massage

HKD $288/110mins
  • ❶ Breastfeeding Mother Relaxing Body Massage
  • ❷ Mammary Gland dredging & Swelling Relief Treatment
  • ❸ Exclusive Himalayan Rock Stone Foot Massage
  • ❹ Sciatic Nerve and back pain Massage
  • Prevent Mammary Gland blockage
  • Relieve breast pain during pregnancy
  • Eliminate physical and mental fatigue during pregnancy
  • Relieve cramps & edema caused by pregnancy
*Suitable for expectant mothers at 28 weeks pregnant onwards or plans to do breastfeeding
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Healing Benefits of Unblock Mammary Gland Best-selling – Breastfeeding Mama Body Massage

Relieve body sores and pains
Eliminate Breast discomfort
Help relieve backache during pregnancy
Improve sleep quality
Reduce cramps and Edema caused by pregnancy
Cope with various types of physical discomfort during pregnancy

Applicable to pregnant women, who suffer from/ care about:

Blocked mammary glands and Mastitis
Breast pain and soreness
Backache due to pregnancy
Muscle Fatigue during pregnancy
Mother who plans to breastfeed

Service Introduction

Breastfeeding Mama Body Massage
Start your breastfeeding preparation from pregnancy

Breastfeeding Mama Body Massage can help mothers in preparing the body for breastfeeding. It includes “Breastfeeding Mother Relaxing Body Massage”, “Mammary Gland dredging & Swelling Relief Treatment”, “Exclusive Himalayan Rock Stone Foot Massage” and “Sciatic Nerve and back pain Massage”. Assist by our highly experienced pregnancy massage therapists, the massage work effectively in preventing issues like breast soreness and mastitis, and also helps get rid of muscle soreness, relieves physical and mental stress during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding Mother Relaxing Body Massage
The Best Natural Way to Cope With Fatigue

In pregnancy period, body changes physically and mentally bring burden to mothers, such as the neck, back, leg, and sciatic pain. Breastfeeding Mother Relaxing Body Massage provides special care to mother to help relieving the tension of the muscles, reduce the release of stress hormones, eliminate physical and mental fatigue and improve sleep quality, so that the fetus can grow up healthily. We provide massage bed specially designed for pregnant women, allowing mothers to lie in prone position during massage and can maximize the effectiveness of the massage.

Mammary Gland dredging & Swelling Relief Treatment
Make Breastfeeding Easier

Breast milk is the first precious gift to a baby. In order to increase the baby’s immunity and absorb more nutrients, it is better to prepare as early as possible during pregnancy to avoid blocked mammary glands, insufficient milk, “stone breasts” or mastitis due to blockage after delivery. Miris Mama maternity massage therapist use professional and unique massage skills to relieve the pain caused by breast swelling during pregnancy, and dredge the mammary glands, which will help the secretion of milk after childbirth.

Exclusive Himalayan Salt Stone Foot Massage
Eliminate Foot Swelling during Pregnant

In the late stages of pregnancy, the pressure on the abdominal cavity of pregnant women gets bigger. Swelling and leg cramps also gradually become obvious. Himalayan Salt Stone contains 84 kinds of mineral and nutrients required by pregnant women. It penetrates into the skin through heat and natural massage oils, which help stimulate blood circulation, remove swelling, and promote the excretion of toxins and metabolites, also deeply soothes the discomfort of the feet caused by the abdomen pressure, reduces legs weakness, and prevent postpartum varicose veins.

Sciatic Nerve and back pain Massage
Relieve Back Pain and Swelling

Along with the fetus and uterus gradually increases, pressure on lumbar spine and back is increasing gradually, and it’s easy to cause pain in low back and sciatica nerve, affecting sleep quality and even daytime activities. In severe cases, lumbar spine displacement, lumbar muscle strain, intervertebral disc herniation, etc. may occur. Miris Mama "Sciatic Nerve and Back Pain Massage" can help to relieve pressure on the lower back muscles, eliminate back pain and discomfort, relax sciatic nerve and back muscle pain.

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